Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sons And Quickes

A few minutes to write before I do my morning 6 mile mt bike ride. It sucks sometimes having two shops. I do some things at one shop and other things at the other. They are 10 miles apart, takes about 13 minutes to travel between them.
Work at one my shop here then I'll go the other shop and do something else. Then back here. Plus I like for Jack to have his own space there and now that he is there all the time, he doesn't get that always.
PB likes being outside working for me on projects and he's such a good worker. Plus we live in such a beautiful place. Our work area is backed by endless hardwoods. So pretty with the sun shining through them.
It would be pretty peaceful too, but PB is a metalhead and he loves his music.

This time of year is so wonderful. The picture is from my other shop, taken a few years ago.

And it is 30 days before the big yearly trade show. So no lake this coming weekend. Lots of work to be done. Kinda like biker build off with the projects and pressure but no annoying Hugh King to deal with. What people watching those shows don't understand is how much it really sucked working under that pressure. It is not fun, more like hell.
Yeah, its fun when its finally over. Hell dental surgery would feel good after that. Ask a builder who was on tv how much fun it really was.
Anyhow, trade shows are a big deal.
1) Your work must be prominently displayed in a big deal booth. (Check.)

2) You must network with the right people and get sponsorships and deals. ( Won't know till after show.) So you have to be prepared to meet everyone and say the right things.

3) be really prepared, samples of your work ready to pull out and be easily seen. (working on it.)

4) I have to look good. Its very different for women in this business. You have to LOOK successful. That means thin, pretty, sharp, professional with a bit of natural appearing edginess. You are on display too. ( Working on it. My cookie intake has been cut way down.)

5) Have all the travel stuff and registration stuff ready for your entourage. Yes I have an entourage. We are a scruffy bunch, but my buds have cool stuff there, and it helps to show potential sponsors, look at this cool hot rod. It helps to show I have cool friends in that town. I love my friends and I'm lucky to have them there for me.

6) I don't have sponsorship for the show this year. I have sponsorship for a bike in the show, but I am not bringing the bike. So my way there is not paid. I am lucky to have friends who will help me out with a place to stay and such but this year for the first time, I have to arrange my own travel. (not yet completed)

6)And there is still lots of regular work to do. Waiting for long distance customers to approve completed work and PAY for it. Bills that need paid. Got to break into my savings to pay bills until someone pays their bill. The pleasuredome of self employment goes on. (never completed.)

So its not that bad working in such a nice place. Plus the whole Halloween/fall excitement. Started decorating, made a corn stalk display with hay bales, decorated with purple and orange light. Got to spend an afternoon with my godsons making jack o lanterns very soon.

Watched Sons on Tuesday. We are so hooked on that show. The writing is so good and very true to life as I know all too well.

Ok PB is still a beautiful, sleepy storm still in bed, time to make his coffee, my tea, put the Z Girl out and get my fat ass on that mt bike. Maybe do battle with the asshole Rottweiler down the street. Then work here at the Sportster Compound all day. I'm ready.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Shew! That's is a lot of work! Good luck on the show and I hope it brings you much success! Sounds like a lot of preparing for a small amount of time. But, it pays to be ready, heh?

10 miles on a bicycle? You go you, no cookie eating, will powerful thing you! I envy your discipline! I agree with your take on needing to look good in the business. Sad but soooo true. Knock 'em dead!

BTW... the word veri for this comment was "unreste". How ironic! LOL!