Monday, September 14, 2009

Bullies Suck

Busy life here in wonder world. BUT....I could go on and on about bullies. Not much time to write just now, BUT I just read a story about how bullying laws don;t work cos teachers and school administrators don't enforce them. They probably don't enforce then cos they don;t want to face off against the parents of the bully, who are most likely bullies themselves. Easier to deal with the parents of the victimized.
They saw that after looking into suicides of kids who were bullied, the bullying had nothing to do with the suicides.
One word---BULLSHIT!!!

ANYHOW, I was bullied in school. I dreaded going to school. Did not want to go many mornings. In fact I could not even ride the school bus it got so bad. Plus the bus driver was on the side of the bullies. She was the one who kicked me off the bus. "If you don't stop crying, you'll have to walk to school!" And I did. Then at age 15 after a horrific car accident bashed in my face, I threatened the ringleader of the girls who bullied me, told her she would look worse than me, if she or her friends ever bothered me again.
And that was the end of the bullying. I was now the bullier of the bullies. I figured I had nothing to lose by that point, I was ready to kick some ass. But I didn't have to as they were cowards.

BUT, I can remember how horrible it was. Reading the stories about the kids who killed themselves, how they hated going to school for fear the taunting the bullying, I felt the same way. But no one sticks up for these poor kids.
Everyone passes the buck. "Not my fault" they all say.

So I say to all those teachers and such that look the other way and pass the blame. and to the parents who say their little angel would never bully other kids,
a very simple

FUCK YOU! You're a liar. Simple as that. You help to continue this horrific tradition of bullying. Sure fuck you sounds ugly but the horrors YOU allow to continue are far uglier.
I know cos I know a bully. She picks on the weak. She always has. In school she picked on other kids who sure as hell didn't need it. She made their little lives hell. She gets strength from it. She's not my friend but I have to deal with her. She hates me cos she knows she can't be me. I'll never be scared of her. It drives her crazy. She'll never be as strong as me. Not physical strength but other strengths.
I am kind and sweet and supportive to those in my life. She is not. She hates people of color. She hates anyone different from her. She likes to make those horrible jokes about black people. She thinks she is funny. She is not. She passes on this tradition to her son.
I am not white, not all white. I am part native. My dad had dark skin. Very dark. I do not find her jokes or her sarcasms amusing. It is just as nasty as what I heard in grade school.

Ok I've have had my say. Back to work. 4 day work week.

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Webster World said...

It got bullied a bit. Got a lot of swat's and kicked out of school. I did or tried to kick their asses. Got a little respect for that. But then there was always the next guy who would try. And the world would repeat it self kicked out for 3 days. But f*** em that person never tried again.