Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Not really. But sadly my drinking days are best left behind me. God I love my Cosmos and PB makes the best ones. But my body which has been heavily poisoned by vast qualities of alcohol several times in the past 35 or so years, has let me know, it will no longer tolerate any more. I ate a good dinner last night, had about 5 or so Cosmos over the course of several hours, then ate a very hearty 1 am breakfast. Woke up this morning at 7am and my body was not happy. No headache but the GI system was quite miserable.
I'm better now. Yes I am a bad ass biker chick, can't even drink.
PB is resting, he does not feel well. The stress of losing his job again, is far rougher on him than he lets on. He hates his job but losing even a job he hates, tears him down. He is very much a hard southern man, with much pride. He is a man's man. He is very stoic, doesn't complain. He is very much like a blue collar Rhett Bulter. Charming, courtly, gentlemanly, but he can hang with the rough crowd. Its hard to see this proud man feel beaten down.
I am very much a New England Yankee. Like my hero, Katharine Hepburn, I always try and rise to the challenge. I see a problem and I must solve it immediately or see a solution, or I cannot rest. I Must have the light at the end of the tunnel.
We are quite the pair, Him the proud but stoically quiet southern gentleman, and me the loud, rushing about, opinionated Yankee woman.
So this morning after the "perfect" day of yesterday, I will answer emails, get ready for the trade show this weekend. I leave tomorrow. I have already planned the meals for the household for the next week. Trying to organize things for the show. Having work to do during the slow times.
I now have alot on my shoulders with these two men who need me. my business is everything right now. So back to it.
Oh and the picture? Very New England. Guilford, CT 1993. This was the view from my kitchen that year. Quiet road, morning sun streaming through the fall hardwoods. An escape from the real world.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Very sorry to hear your men are jobless now. That's so frustrating to deal with, but at least your able to keep the candle burning with your work.

Speaking of which... I've become very interested in what you do. Free lance artist sounds so romantic, but I'm sure you'd fill in some very unpleasant blanks for me. It's my dream to write... and get paid for it.

For now, I'll keep practicing with my blog, and collect editors emails and hope for the best. Maybe one day I'll actually get something in print.

BTW... I grew up in Iowa and my hubby is a born and bred Alamba boy. Seems like those southern men like us girls from above the Mason Dixon line. LOL!

Have a nice day!