Sunday, September 27, 2009


Who knows what life really is? We rush around like ants, from place to place as if our lives depended on it. Make that money, pay those bills. And what is it all for?
Comon, really? We have big screen tvs, 3000 sq ft homes, fancy cars, and tremedous debt for many. We lives from email to email, dreading so many things.
My ex, Jack, beat cancer 2 years ago. With cancer you live from test result to test result. You try not to think about the reality.
The reality of what life really is NOT. Life is not infinate. There's a timer on it and we seldom think about it.
We are so programmed for the destination that we forget that life is a journey. Its not about "once I make x amount of $$ or once I get that promotion or once I have a child." Its about what is happening while you try and achieve those things.
That's why I love our time at the lake. The lake is all about NOW. What is happening now. In that exact place and time.
We had a weekend at the lake all planned out. And it looked to be rainy, so instead we stayed here at the country compound. So instead I'm gonna relive the last visit to the lake here on my blog.

The view from the porch of the cabin in the morning.

Looking down at the dock. We cleared alot of overgrowth away. 2 months ago, you could barely see the shoreline.

The mist on the water.

The gazebo, we spend most of our time in here.

Zoey loves to help PB fish.

PB driving the boat.

This is the house we want to built someday at our place. My dream house.

Z Girl playing on her island. SZhe annoyed everyone there and eventually had the island to herself.

Zoey christens Zoey Island.

PB and the Z Girl in the hammock area. I got this hammock over 10 years ago and never hung it up. PB found it a home.

The view from the hammock. Oh yes, this is living.

The view from the kitchen while cooking breakfast.

Another Sunday morning.

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