Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love fall. There's something that wakes up inside me when the brutal heat of summer days gives way to the chill of fall. maybe summer heat puts part of me to sleep and the crisp air of fall wakes it up again. 2 more days of work. Actually 1 and 1/2. Then we pack and leave for 3 and 1/3 days at the lake. Yeah!!! I'm planning the menu. Fried chicken, baked chicken ( I got lots of chicken in the freezer,) venison sausage breakfast sandwiches, tomatoes and green bean saute (from the garden), and that's as far as I have gotten. What sucks is, after this weekend, it will be 3 weeks until we get back to the lake and the weather will be chilly for real. Hopefully the water won't be too much colder. I think I'll buy a wetsuit for cold weather swimming.

When ever her schedule allowed, Kathryn Hepburn lived on the water at her family home in Fenwick, CT. And every morning until she was in her 70's, she went for a morning swim. No matter the season, even in the winter. And this sure ain't as north as CT and Long Island Sound was never as warm as the lake. So hopefully I'll be swimming for another month or so. By then I'll have bought a kayak. What I really want is a rowing skull. Zip across that surface.

I've always admired Hepburn. Always wanted to live on the water like her. If this is as close as I come, so be it. I'll make the most of it. Pb can fish and I'll row and swim.

PB and his dad are taking the boat out on the nearby little lake to test it out. Then we'll take it to the big lake tomorrow. It will be so fun to take the boat to breakfast. Pull up at the dock.
I love looking at the houses on the lake. I watch the life in them as I swim or row by. Sometimes seeing the people as they go about their lives. Wondering what its like to have a lake house like that. What kind of people live there. Its like tv only I'm getting a workout.

As for the pleasuredome of the motorcycle industry, I have work to do, actually enough to pay my bills for a while, so far. This business can be scary, a fact I know all too well. It takes so much dedication to stay on top, to stay in the spotlight, in the public eye, it takes hours of work each day. Get the actual work done, then update the website, check the boards to see what's happening, answer emails, return calls, do followup calls, do quotes for new customers, do magazine work to stay in the public eye, see what the competition is up to. Not a 9-5 job. It takes 12-16 hour days. No time for much of a personal life. So you'd had better really love what you do, cos it becomes your whole life.

And that was my problem. Years of no personal life. I had lost me. And now I am finding me. I could be making some big bucks right now. But that would mean not many weekends at the lake, not many weekends riding my motorcycles. I used to hate Friday afternoons. at 5 or 6 pm I would know most people were getting off work, going home and starting their weekends. I would be working. And I would be unhappy. And I did this for 18 years.
I can't do that anymore. And so I make the financial sacrifice for my personal happiness. That is unless the ex loses his job or PB loses his.

So I will make the most of my Labor Day weekend at the lake. The wicked world of real life business will be waiting for me when I return. Let it wait.

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