Thursday, July 9, 2009


I realize most of my posts have been about my love life, but hey, after 35 or so years of kissing bad frogs, I finally got a good one. Hell, most women's magazines are sold on the basis of how to snag and keep that handsome man. And how to deal with it when ya don't. People are getting frickin rich off this shit. And me, depressed, fat, (well bigger than I have ever been) get this awesome man. And I am enjoying it.

As for life, I have lots of comments about that. So quickly

The economy sucks. Whose fault? Lots of greedy people who have way too much money to begin with and they want more. Send the illegals home and put Americans to work with the jobs that are left.

The war? Hey those soilders are the only working class americans making money. And they are doing a hard job. too bad the real money was made by, you guessed it, greedy rich people who already had too much money. The Gordon Geckos won that war.

This country? Run by the greedy.

So I stay in my little place in the woods and hang onto my life and hope for things to get better. But I am gonna try to finish remaking my life. Gonna get back into my art and start writing again. maybe I can sell a romance novel and pay my bills for a few years.

This week? Hoping to finish up a few things and create some new work. Spend time with the Linds and the Chase next week. And gonna try and start ebaying the excess.
Oh yeah, PB's place at the lake is wonderful. I love it.