Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sons And Quickes

A few minutes to write before I do my morning 6 mile mt bike ride. It sucks sometimes having two shops. I do some things at one shop and other things at the other. They are 10 miles apart, takes about 13 minutes to travel between them.
Work at one my shop here then I'll go the other shop and do something else. Then back here. Plus I like for Jack to have his own space there and now that he is there all the time, he doesn't get that always.
PB likes being outside working for me on projects and he's such a good worker. Plus we live in such a beautiful place. Our work area is backed by endless hardwoods. So pretty with the sun shining through them.
It would be pretty peaceful too, but PB is a metalhead and he loves his music.

This time of year is so wonderful. The picture is from my other shop, taken a few years ago.

And it is 30 days before the big yearly trade show. So no lake this coming weekend. Lots of work to be done. Kinda like biker build off with the projects and pressure but no annoying Hugh King to deal with. What people watching those shows don't understand is how much it really sucked working under that pressure. It is not fun, more like hell.
Yeah, its fun when its finally over. Hell dental surgery would feel good after that. Ask a builder who was on tv how much fun it really was.
Anyhow, trade shows are a big deal.
1) Your work must be prominently displayed in a big deal booth. (Check.)

2) You must network with the right people and get sponsorships and deals. ( Won't know till after show.) So you have to be prepared to meet everyone and say the right things.

3) be really prepared, samples of your work ready to pull out and be easily seen. (working on it.)

4) I have to look good. Its very different for women in this business. You have to LOOK successful. That means thin, pretty, sharp, professional with a bit of natural appearing edginess. You are on display too. ( Working on it. My cookie intake has been cut way down.)

5) Have all the travel stuff and registration stuff ready for your entourage. Yes I have an entourage. We are a scruffy bunch, but my buds have cool stuff there, and it helps to show potential sponsors, look at this cool hot rod. It helps to show I have cool friends in that town. I love my friends and I'm lucky to have them there for me.

6) I don't have sponsorship for the show this year. I have sponsorship for a bike in the show, but I am not bringing the bike. So my way there is not paid. I am lucky to have friends who will help me out with a place to stay and such but this year for the first time, I have to arrange my own travel. (not yet completed)

6)And there is still lots of regular work to do. Waiting for long distance customers to approve completed work and PAY for it. Bills that need paid. Got to break into my savings to pay bills until someone pays their bill. The pleasuredome of self employment goes on. (never completed.)

So its not that bad working in such a nice place. Plus the whole Halloween/fall excitement. Started decorating, made a corn stalk display with hay bales, decorated with purple and orange light. Got to spend an afternoon with my godsons making jack o lanterns very soon.

Watched Sons on Tuesday. We are so hooked on that show. The writing is so good and very true to life as I know all too well.

Ok PB is still a beautiful, sleepy storm still in bed, time to make his coffee, my tea, put the Z Girl out and get my fat ass on that mt bike. Maybe do battle with the asshole Rottweiler down the street. Then work here at the Sportster Compound all day. I'm ready.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Who knows what life really is? We rush around like ants, from place to place as if our lives depended on it. Make that money, pay those bills. And what is it all for?
Comon, really? We have big screen tvs, 3000 sq ft homes, fancy cars, and tremedous debt for many. We lives from email to email, dreading so many things.
My ex, Jack, beat cancer 2 years ago. With cancer you live from test result to test result. You try not to think about the reality.
The reality of what life really is NOT. Life is not infinate. There's a timer on it and we seldom think about it.
We are so programmed for the destination that we forget that life is a journey. Its not about "once I make x amount of $$ or once I get that promotion or once I have a child." Its about what is happening while you try and achieve those things.
That's why I love our time at the lake. The lake is all about NOW. What is happening now. In that exact place and time.
We had a weekend at the lake all planned out. And it looked to be rainy, so instead we stayed here at the country compound. So instead I'm gonna relive the last visit to the lake here on my blog.

The view from the porch of the cabin in the morning.

Looking down at the dock. We cleared alot of overgrowth away. 2 months ago, you could barely see the shoreline.

The mist on the water.

The gazebo, we spend most of our time in here.

Zoey loves to help PB fish.

PB driving the boat.

This is the house we want to built someday at our place. My dream house.

Z Girl playing on her island. SZhe annoyed everyone there and eventually had the island to herself.

Zoey christens Zoey Island.

PB and the Z Girl in the hammock area. I got this hammock over 10 years ago and never hung it up. PB found it a home.

The view from the hammock. Oh yes, this is living.

The view from the kitchen while cooking breakfast.

Another Sunday morning.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sell Your Old Gold for Big Cash!!!

Yeah sure. Most of my stuff was 10 kt gold, some 14 kt. But the heavy stuff was 10. PB had a few 14 kt pieces. In the end I had about 1 and 1/2 oz of 10 and 14 and walked away with $220. PB for about $180. But he kept out a 10 kt necklace and bracelet are have never been worn and are like new. They would have only given him $98 for them, and for that, he might as well kept them. He did give up his old wedding ring and I guess that meant something, as he's been divorced 7 years and kept it all this time.

Tomorrow is the big day, the new bike shed is being built. I can't wait!!! All our bikes lined up and space completely devoted to bikes and riding gear. Helmets hung on the wall. I know the guys will turn it into a little HD shop complete with neon signs. PB is already planning a 16 X 12 leanto off the back to keep his '67 firebird in. He's had the car since high school. It runs but needs lots of TLC. We'll build the lean to in the next few months. We already have most of the wood for it.
So I am pumped about the shed and that means more room in my "office" out back! It can be all workspace. PB and his bro can have their hangout down the hill and I have the building in the woods. PB and I will work in it together and there will be room for us both, But now we'll both have space to do things on our own. A couple should have time away from each other. Being together 24/7 is not always a good thing.
Plus I think it will be very good for him to spend time on his Firebird. That car has alot more potential than he wants to admit.

The ex Jack, is doing well now that he is unemployed. he's completely cleaned out and remodeled his shop at home. It looks great. Yesterday he built new supports to hold up the roof on the very badly sagging barn in back. He's got a good attitude these days which is way better than he was doing this time last year. It makes me happy to see him feeling good. I'm hoping he gets some work into his shop next month and I'm pretty sure that will happen.

When I got home last night, PB was so sweet to me. I guess he feels better now that he's got a little extra money and can pay his bills. I look at him, those eyes and my heart melts all over again each time. To think that beautiful, sweet, sweet man is mine.

If this is how the rest of my life is going to be, it was worth all those years I spent in hell.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Rich Quick

heading out to the backyard office. It is actually in the backyard. A small shed maybe 13 X 18. So much has changed since I first saw that shed. I look at my man, where I now live, what my life is like, and I am still amazed and thankful. No I am not rich with money. We don't live in a McMansion. We live in a small modular home on a deadend gravel road. There's a beautiful field we have and hardwoods in the back that stretch on forever. We wake up most mornings smiling and start to cuddle. Our lives are not perfect, far from it. But we are happy with what we have and deal with problems as they come.
Went over to my brother's last night. I feel sorry for him at times. He has so much and is so ignorant of what fact. He spends his life, whining about what he doesn't have. I really feel bad for my godsons. What a terrible example he sets. Glass half full programming.

And of course, we watched the Sons last night. Sons of Anarchy is like the Vrod. I did not want to like it. But I do. Hated the VRod, thought it was even uglier than the Buell. Then I rode one and have been craving one ever since.
I wanted to hate the Sons. I seldom watch "biker" tv shows. I have watched them and they just make me feel ill. I won't even get into how much I hate OCC, other than to say, they are an insult to all the real bike builders there are out there and maybe when Paul Sr dies I'll go dance on his grave. I have been on tv a few times and many of my friends have and I know all too well the real "reality" of those shows. So I had an attitude yet still watched an episode of Son's last year.

I was hooked. It is so well written. And as I used to hang with a club many years ago, I knew the show was pretty accurate in what it depicted. My brother even flew a patch for a number of years. He doesn't get FX but I think he would like it too.

Tonight is the gold party. Humm I wonder just how much I'll really get for my old gold?

Ok time to make the donuts.

I wish I had a donut or two. Chocolate covered with vanilla cream. But no donuts until late Oct.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Its the first of fall, my favorite season. So many wonderful memories of falls past. Something renewing about fall. The air feels fresh and crisp. More later.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well PB HD loan account has been credited for the service contract amount. Yea!

And we did hear from the family member who had not called. Turns out there was a very good reason for what was happening. We did get to go visit and most of the family got together and it was all very wonderful.

PB and I had a talk last night. I was not happy about something. Its funny what age does to a person. It seems after years of putting up with bs from whoever my current spouse it, I can no longer deal with anything that might hurt me.
So poor PB, he doesn't get cut much slack. But the good news is, it really seems that no matter what, this man wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I have given him multiple chances to go his own way, to find someone else. And he only wants me. So I am happy and I am allowing myself to feel secure in our relationship.

We had made plans to go to the mts and ride this past weekend. But it looked like it would rain and PB had enough of riding in the rain when we went to WV a few months ago. Plus with him not working, it didn't seem like the best time to spend $100 plus per night in the B&B we had reserved. So we posponed the trip. Maybe we'll go next month. See the leaves the change. maybe I'll even fit into my cold weather riding clothes. I am getting serious about the weight losss. I have a big trade show coming up in Nov. And I need to make some good business connections. And yes, appearence does make a difference when you are a woman in business.
Say what you like. But I have seen it time and time again.

And lastly I am trying to pay off my credit card balances. So Wed night I am going to a gold selling party. I have about 2 ozs of gold and 2 ozs of silver to sell. I'll use whatever I get to pay on the credit cards. It will be interesting to see what I ACTUALLY get paid for the gold. $1000 an oz? I wish.

And on Friday, a new storage shed for the motorcycles and gear, is being built. I'll be able to keep my 2 bikes in it and of course PB's sporty and his brother's sporty. His brother being a very good brother, ordered this shed. It was getting really crowded in the old shop.
Its funny, I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend last year yet I found PB ....and...step children...and a brother... who buys me very nice gifts and is very supportive even to the point of providing a nice clean place for all our motorcycles.
I didn't just get a boyfriend, I got a family. I am coming to love my new family. My new life. I'm not dissing my old life, it just wasn't what I needed for my soul.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comfort Sounds

This picture of my niece Lyn. It was taken some years ago and displays the general theme of this blog entry. I do have news about the whole HD loan thing and about the family member who we thought was dissing us. But its Sunday and it got me to thinking.

My beautiful man is sleeping on the couch right next to me. The sound of a football on tv drifts through the house. What a wonderfully comforting sound. People talk about comfort food. Foods from our childhood that help us to feel that healing sensation that takes us back to those days of "innocence", before we became jaded and aware of the harsh realities of life. For me foods like Shepherd's pie, fish sticks, and those stuffed clams that come in the frozen packages, are my favorite childhood food. But what about comfort sounds?

Sunday were always special days in my parents' home. Either a football game or car race would be on tv. My dad sitting in his chair watching it. My mom in the kitchen cooking or reading the paper. Sundays were a day of family and renewal. Getting ready to start a new week of life, hoping against hope that this week would be better than the last.
So this morning had started with PB and I in bed spooning and cuddling. Running my fingers through the hair on his chest, amazed at how lucky I am to have him. I went to pick up Z Girl from the ex and then went grocery shopping.
I got home and started to prepare a very intense version of Shepherd's pie. PB had the Falcons game on. And I realised how good and healing it all felt. PB listening to the game and the sounds of pots and pans and cooking in the kitchen. Comfort sounds. A lazy Sunday. We had planned on working but PB asked if I minded if he watched some of the game. He's been watching the insides of his eyelids for over an hour now. But that's ok, men napping on the couch, football game on tv, Shepherd's pie baking in the oven. Renewing oneself for the coming week, that's what Sundays are for.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sad face

I am sad as PB has a family member that is in the area for a few days. And he has not yet heard from this person. This person told PB that they would call. This person lives far away. PB loves this person very much.
It makes me sad for PB and his family, that this person who everyone looked so forward to seeing, is not calling anyone here.
There is nothing I can do for this kind sweet man who is outside working. Only be there for him. I can't make his pain go away.


Now for an update on the square PB is doing with the HD dealer. or rather the dance they are doing with him.
Torch said we should speak the dealership's general manager. Problem is, there has not been one for atleast 5 years.
Remember the scandal with Merrill Lynch? How their execs lived large with $35,000 toilets, I mean, commodes while the company tanked? That's how it is at this particular dealership. Long story short, the owners lived like movie stars, seldom coming by the dealership. Crying about hiow they were losing money and no one could get a raise. They could barely afford to keep the doors open. meanwhile they were buying vacation condos, $150,000 sports cars, boats, taking trips every month to Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, spa trips, buying each other $10,000 gifts. All of this was charged to the dealership as business expenses to entertain clients, even luxurious home improvements turning all their homes into places Madonna would live. None of which had anything to do with the business.
Meanwhile their employees can barely pay their bills, each one leaving for better paying jobs until there is a complete turnover of new employees every few months. Yet to ask for a raise is to be yelled at and threated with loss of job.
Plus the owners told their people that anyone has problems they has better work it out themselves. If the owners had to come in to deal with anything, that person would get fired. But one could make a desision. So in a sense the dealership runs itself with most of the day to day things being done by people who have been employed there less than a year who make little more than minimun wage.
With jobs being scarce there are about 3 people work there that have been there more than a year. All of the mechanics have less than a year of employment there.
So little by little the dealership tanks and the owners are angry as the can't understand why they can't keep spending for their lifestyle and that they actually have to go there occassionally. So they take it out on the employees who must be doing something to cause them, the owners such distress.

PB did not hear from the dealership and hsi calls were not returned. He did finally talk to the finance "guy" who told him yesterday that the check had finally been signed and that "it was in the FEDEx box" as we speak.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun and Games with Harley Davidson Financing

Picture it, June 2009. handsome man, PB, walks into the HD dealership and buys a 1999 1200 sporty. He goes to finish the paperwork for the financing and the person sells him a 4 year service contract for $1300, which is added to the loan. 3 weeks later, PB gets a letter from the service company informing him that his bike is a year too old to be eligible for the service contract.

This is news. He has not heard a thing from the dealership. So he calls them. They tell him that as soon as the service company sends them a check for the $1300, they'll send it to the finance company. Weeks go by. Now its over two months after the purchase. Meanwhile PB is paying interest on the $1300 which is still on his HD loan. No word from the dealership. PB calls the dealership. A new person is in charge of the financing dept and he'll call PB back. This does not happen.

So PB rides down there. The new guy, a very slippery character, who has quite the reputation and could give sacks of shit a bad name, tells PB that he had been meaning to call him, as PB has to fill out some paperwork. He tells PB that the service company sent the check for $1300 a month ago, but he had been waiting for PB to come in, huh? I guess the novelty of a courtesy phone call had not occurred to him. So snakeboy types a piece of paper and it says that PB has cancelled the service contract.


PB makes him retype it to say that the bike had not been eligible. So PB signs it and Snakey tells him that he'll take the paper upstairs so the person that write checks can write a check, they'll send it to the financing company, tells PB that he can leave and he'll call him. PB says he'll wait right there for him to come back down and show him the proof that the check was written and then sent to the finance company.

So shitheel returns with the check but says that the person who SIGNS the checks is not there and as soon as he gets back, he'll sign the check and shitty will send it. PB has now been at the dealership for 3 hours. he waits longer and the check signer has not returned. So he leaves. Shitty tells him that he'll call him tomorrow and let him know that the check was signed and sent in.

So today, its about 4 pm, no call from the dealership. PB calls, and what a surprise, he gets Shitty's voice mail. Its now 8 pm and no call.

What a way to run a company. if anyone from HD is reading this,

Attention : This is the reason people say nasty things about your company. This kind of behavior and treatment.

I'll keep you all informed of the events as this thing progresses. Tonight it is Sons of Anarchy night. Yes I watch the show. PB and his bro just pulled up on the bikes with dinner.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bullies Suck

Busy life here in wonder world. BUT....I could go on and on about bullies. Not much time to write just now, BUT I just read a story about how bullying laws don;t work cos teachers and school administrators don't enforce them. They probably don't enforce then cos they don;t want to face off against the parents of the bully, who are most likely bullies themselves. Easier to deal with the parents of the victimized.
They saw that after looking into suicides of kids who were bullied, the bullying had nothing to do with the suicides.
One word---BULLSHIT!!!

ANYHOW, I was bullied in school. I dreaded going to school. Did not want to go many mornings. In fact I could not even ride the school bus it got so bad. Plus the bus driver was on the side of the bullies. She was the one who kicked me off the bus. "If you don't stop crying, you'll have to walk to school!" And I did. Then at age 15 after a horrific car accident bashed in my face, I threatened the ringleader of the girls who bullied me, told her she would look worse than me, if she or her friends ever bothered me again.
And that was the end of the bullying. I was now the bullier of the bullies. I figured I had nothing to lose by that point, I was ready to kick some ass. But I didn't have to as they were cowards.

BUT, I can remember how horrible it was. Reading the stories about the kids who killed themselves, how they hated going to school for fear the taunting the bullying, I felt the same way. But no one sticks up for these poor kids.
Everyone passes the buck. "Not my fault" they all say.

So I say to all those teachers and such that look the other way and pass the blame. and to the parents who say their little angel would never bully other kids,
a very simple

FUCK YOU! You're a liar. Simple as that. You help to continue this horrific tradition of bullying. Sure fuck you sounds ugly but the horrors YOU allow to continue are far uglier.
I know cos I know a bully. She picks on the weak. She always has. In school she picked on other kids who sure as hell didn't need it. She made their little lives hell. She gets strength from it. She's not my friend but I have to deal with her. She hates me cos she knows she can't be me. I'll never be scared of her. It drives her crazy. She'll never be as strong as me. Not physical strength but other strengths.
I am kind and sweet and supportive to those in my life. She is not. She hates people of color. She hates anyone different from her. She likes to make those horrible jokes about black people. She thinks she is funny. She is not. She passes on this tradition to her son.
I am not white, not all white. I am part native. My dad had dark skin. Very dark. I do not find her jokes or her sarcasms amusing. It is just as nasty as what I heard in grade school.

Ok I've have had my say. Back to work. 4 day work week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Not really. But sadly my drinking days are best left behind me. God I love my Cosmos and PB makes the best ones. But my body which has been heavily poisoned by vast qualities of alcohol several times in the past 35 or so years, has let me know, it will no longer tolerate any more. I ate a good dinner last night, had about 5 or so Cosmos over the course of several hours, then ate a very hearty 1 am breakfast. Woke up this morning at 7am and my body was not happy. No headache but the GI system was quite miserable.
I'm better now. Yes I am a bad ass biker chick, can't even drink.
PB is resting, he does not feel well. The stress of losing his job again, is far rougher on him than he lets on. He hates his job but losing even a job he hates, tears him down. He is very much a hard southern man, with much pride. He is a man's man. He is very stoic, doesn't complain. He is very much like a blue collar Rhett Bulter. Charming, courtly, gentlemanly, but he can hang with the rough crowd. Its hard to see this proud man feel beaten down.
I am very much a New England Yankee. Like my hero, Katharine Hepburn, I always try and rise to the challenge. I see a problem and I must solve it immediately or see a solution, or I cannot rest. I Must have the light at the end of the tunnel.
We are quite the pair, Him the proud but stoically quiet southern gentleman, and me the loud, rushing about, opinionated Yankee woman.
So this morning after the "perfect" day of yesterday, I will answer emails, get ready for the trade show this weekend. I leave tomorrow. I have already planned the meals for the household for the next week. Trying to organize things for the show. Having work to do during the slow times.
I now have alot on my shoulders with these two men who need me. my business is everything right now. So back to it.
Oh and the picture? Very New England. Guilford, CT 1993. This was the view from my kitchen that year. Quiet road, morning sun streaming through the fall hardwoods. An escape from the real world.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Perfect!!

That's a quote from "Back to the Future." Marty comes home after school to his poor man's life, and sees that his dad's car is wrecked.
This is just how I felt today after finding out my ex got laid off his job of 10 years on Friday and then today the boyfriend got laid off his job of 8 years.
So now the freelance artist ex wife / girlfriend has to somehow help support 2 men. Yes they will get unemployment but you know it won't pay all the bills and of course I'll have to be there for both, with advice and emotional support and trying to help them get their lives back on track.
My business is doing OK, not great but I'm getting by. And I was so very happy and grateful for that fact. I was happy and hopeful.
This morning, I was all set to write about the incredible weekend PB and I had at the lake.
I hear the BF's bike coming up the road. Reality time.
McFly said it best:
Perfect, just perfect!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love fall. There's something that wakes up inside me when the brutal heat of summer days gives way to the chill of fall. maybe summer heat puts part of me to sleep and the crisp air of fall wakes it up again. 2 more days of work. Actually 1 and 1/2. Then we pack and leave for 3 and 1/3 days at the lake. Yeah!!! I'm planning the menu. Fried chicken, baked chicken ( I got lots of chicken in the freezer,) venison sausage breakfast sandwiches, tomatoes and green bean saute (from the garden), and that's as far as I have gotten. What sucks is, after this weekend, it will be 3 weeks until we get back to the lake and the weather will be chilly for real. Hopefully the water won't be too much colder. I think I'll buy a wetsuit for cold weather swimming.

When ever her schedule allowed, Kathryn Hepburn lived on the water at her family home in Fenwick, CT. And every morning until she was in her 70's, she went for a morning swim. No matter the season, even in the winter. And this sure ain't as north as CT and Long Island Sound was never as warm as the lake. So hopefully I'll be swimming for another month or so. By then I'll have bought a kayak. What I really want is a rowing skull. Zip across that surface.

I've always admired Hepburn. Always wanted to live on the water like her. If this is as close as I come, so be it. I'll make the most of it. Pb can fish and I'll row and swim.

PB and his dad are taking the boat out on the nearby little lake to test it out. Then we'll take it to the big lake tomorrow. It will be so fun to take the boat to breakfast. Pull up at the dock.
I love looking at the houses on the lake. I watch the life in them as I swim or row by. Sometimes seeing the people as they go about their lives. Wondering what its like to have a lake house like that. What kind of people live there. Its like tv only I'm getting a workout.

As for the pleasuredome of the motorcycle industry, I have work to do, actually enough to pay my bills for a while, so far. This business can be scary, a fact I know all too well. It takes so much dedication to stay on top, to stay in the spotlight, in the public eye, it takes hours of work each day. Get the actual work done, then update the website, check the boards to see what's happening, answer emails, return calls, do followup calls, do quotes for new customers, do magazine work to stay in the public eye, see what the competition is up to. Not a 9-5 job. It takes 12-16 hour days. No time for much of a personal life. So you'd had better really love what you do, cos it becomes your whole life.

And that was my problem. Years of no personal life. I had lost me. And now I am finding me. I could be making some big bucks right now. But that would mean not many weekends at the lake, not many weekends riding my motorcycles. I used to hate Friday afternoons. at 5 or 6 pm I would know most people were getting off work, going home and starting their weekends. I would be working. And I would be unhappy. And I did this for 18 years.
I can't do that anymore. And so I make the financial sacrifice for my personal happiness. That is unless the ex loses his job or PB loses his.

So I will make the most of my Labor Day weekend at the lake. The wicked world of real life business will be waiting for me when I return. Let it wait.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stevie Nicks

said it or sang it best,

and the summer became the fall.
I was not ready for the winter,
it makes no difference at all,
cos I wear boots all summer long.

And just like that, the summer was over. The mornings were chilly and it was time for sweatshirts again. I remember this time last year, I was so stunned I was still with PB. It was like a dream.

And it still is wonderful to be with him. We spent the last two weekends up at the lake. We'll be there this weekend. His dad wants us to take his boat. The lake cabin is very small and shacklike. It was an outdoor shower and bathroom. You stand in the open air behind a wooden fence and shower. You can see the lake over the fence. A shower with a view. It was a dock with a screened gazebo which is very cool.
The place needs lots of work which we don't mind doing. The porch roof and floor of the cabin needs replaced as it is rotting away. Hoping PB's dad will pay for the materials.
But I love it and PB does too. There was tons of overgrowth that was taking over and we cleared most of it away last weekend. Now you can see the lake from the cabin.
I've been doing lots of swimming and rowing. But the pants are still tight, dang it. I am in constant motion up there. But we do hang out on the dock and watch the action on the lake. Its so peaceful. I'll row out to the middle of the cover at night and just lay down in the raft and watch the sky.
Its like a dream, a wonderful dream. The best my life has ever been. And I want it more and more. I want that dream to continue, but dreams aren't like that.

There's always that evil thing called reality.

PB and I are are still in love and that is good. But there is bad news.
1) His arms hurt him badly. Those beautifully muscled arms have bad tendinitis, I want him to see a doctor.
2) Things are slow at his job. I'm hoping he doesn't get laid off again. He's very worried about money.
3) My ex may lose his job. Things are dismal in the custom bike world. Especially if the owner of your dealership is a fool and hires over priced consultants who charge big bucks to suggest that departments should share pens. That if someone in parts needs a pen to go over and borrow one from sales. Wow. if your accountant tells you that these consultants are not doing anything useful, hey rich person that happens to own a dealership-------listen!!! Spend the money on advertising!!! Bring business into your shop.

Things are slow in my business but I'm doing ok. I just hope my men hang onto their jobs. Old Randy Simpson sold business at auction. I wonder what that was all about. The whole suddenness. Sometime I'll see him him and I'm sure he'll tell me. Even sold his bikes. He musta owed quite a bit.

Thing change, Milwaukee Iron out of business, Billy in jail, god how things change. I wonder just how Eddie is doing. can't believe he hasn't run out money yet. He musta stashed a shitload way back when. But then maybe like Randy, time will catch up, but then Randy is a good guy with morals and Eddie, well, he's not.

This weekend will be the last one for the lake for the following two weekends. I have a car show in two weeks and then the weekend after, PB and I are going to the mountains on the bikes. So that is almost 3 weeks, 18 days till I need to fit into my leather pants. And I will do it!!

I'll be cookie free for 18 days. Can I do it??? I do not want to bust that zipper on those pants or look like sausage legs.