Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun and Games with Harley Davidson Financing

Picture it, June 2009. handsome man, PB, walks into the HD dealership and buys a 1999 1200 sporty. He goes to finish the paperwork for the financing and the person sells him a 4 year service contract for $1300, which is added to the loan. 3 weeks later, PB gets a letter from the service company informing him that his bike is a year too old to be eligible for the service contract.

This is news. He has not heard a thing from the dealership. So he calls them. They tell him that as soon as the service company sends them a check for the $1300, they'll send it to the finance company. Weeks go by. Now its over two months after the purchase. Meanwhile PB is paying interest on the $1300 which is still on his HD loan. No word from the dealership. PB calls the dealership. A new person is in charge of the financing dept and he'll call PB back. This does not happen.

So PB rides down there. The new guy, a very slippery character, who has quite the reputation and could give sacks of shit a bad name, tells PB that he had been meaning to call him, as PB has to fill out some paperwork. He tells PB that the service company sent the check for $1300 a month ago, but he had been waiting for PB to come in, huh? I guess the novelty of a courtesy phone call had not occurred to him. So snakeboy types a piece of paper and it says that PB has cancelled the service contract.


PB makes him retype it to say that the bike had not been eligible. So PB signs it and Snakey tells him that he'll take the paper upstairs so the person that write checks can write a check, they'll send it to the financing company, tells PB that he can leave and he'll call him. PB says he'll wait right there for him to come back down and show him the proof that the check was written and then sent to the finance company.

So shitheel returns with the check but says that the person who SIGNS the checks is not there and as soon as he gets back, he'll sign the check and shitty will send it. PB has now been at the dealership for 3 hours. he waits longer and the check signer has not returned. So he leaves. Shitty tells him that he'll call him tomorrow and let him know that the check was signed and sent in.

So today, its about 4 pm, no call from the dealership. PB calls, and what a surprise, he gets Shitty's voice mail. Its now 8 pm and no call.

What a way to run a company. if anyone from HD is reading this,

Attention : This is the reason people say nasty things about your company. This kind of behavior and treatment.

I'll keep you all informed of the events as this thing progresses. Tonight it is Sons of Anarchy night. Yes I watch the show. PB and his bro just pulled up on the bikes with dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Try not to blame HD for the Dealers ineptness, even though technically they are HD representatives. The next phone call needs to be to the General Manager of the Dealership and he may be the "One Who Signs the Checks".

Ride on,