Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stevie Nicks

said it or sang it best,

and the summer became the fall.
I was not ready for the winter,
it makes no difference at all,
cos I wear boots all summer long.

And just like that, the summer was over. The mornings were chilly and it was time for sweatshirts again. I remember this time last year, I was so stunned I was still with PB. It was like a dream.

And it still is wonderful to be with him. We spent the last two weekends up at the lake. We'll be there this weekend. His dad wants us to take his boat. The lake cabin is very small and shacklike. It was an outdoor shower and bathroom. You stand in the open air behind a wooden fence and shower. You can see the lake over the fence. A shower with a view. It was a dock with a screened gazebo which is very cool.
The place needs lots of work which we don't mind doing. The porch roof and floor of the cabin needs replaced as it is rotting away. Hoping PB's dad will pay for the materials.
But I love it and PB does too. There was tons of overgrowth that was taking over and we cleared most of it away last weekend. Now you can see the lake from the cabin.
I've been doing lots of swimming and rowing. But the pants are still tight, dang it. I am in constant motion up there. But we do hang out on the dock and watch the action on the lake. Its so peaceful. I'll row out to the middle of the cover at night and just lay down in the raft and watch the sky.
Its like a dream, a wonderful dream. The best my life has ever been. And I want it more and more. I want that dream to continue, but dreams aren't like that.

There's always that evil thing called reality.

PB and I are are still in love and that is good. But there is bad news.
1) His arms hurt him badly. Those beautifully muscled arms have bad tendinitis, I want him to see a doctor.
2) Things are slow at his job. I'm hoping he doesn't get laid off again. He's very worried about money.
3) My ex may lose his job. Things are dismal in the custom bike world. Especially if the owner of your dealership is a fool and hires over priced consultants who charge big bucks to suggest that departments should share pens. That if someone in parts needs a pen to go over and borrow one from sales. Wow. if your accountant tells you that these consultants are not doing anything useful, hey rich person that happens to own a dealership-------listen!!! Spend the money on advertising!!! Bring business into your shop.

Things are slow in my business but I'm doing ok. I just hope my men hang onto their jobs. Old Randy Simpson sold business at auction. I wonder what that was all about. The whole suddenness. Sometime I'll see him him and I'm sure he'll tell me. Even sold his bikes. He musta owed quite a bit.

Thing change, Milwaukee Iron out of business, Billy in jail, god how things change. I wonder just how Eddie is doing. can't believe he hasn't run out money yet. He musta stashed a shitload way back when. But then maybe like Randy, time will catch up, but then Randy is a good guy with morals and Eddie, well, he's not.

This weekend will be the last one for the lake for the following two weekends. I have a car show in two weeks and then the weekend after, PB and I are going to the mountains on the bikes. So that is almost 3 weeks, 18 days till I need to fit into my leather pants. And I will do it!!

I'll be cookie free for 18 days. Can I do it??? I do not want to bust that zipper on those pants or look like sausage legs.


Lady Ridesalot said...

I just melted away and totally relaxed while reading this post.(well, the first part anyway before reality woke you from your sweet dream) You speak of days on the lake... reminded me of some good ol' days.

Before the hubby and I traded our pontoon boat in for a couple of Harleys, we spent many, many weekends on the water at Lake Martin. His Uncle owned a little shack like cabin also and let us use it often... heaven on earth, I tell ya!

I love being around water. It's so relaxing.

Hopefully, your jaunts to the lake will provide a good balance between work and play. I know things are tough for a lot of folks these day, but hopefully, they will all come out okay.

Thanks for sharing, and remember... no cookies!! ;)

Spooky Lil Girl said...

Heaven on earth. That is EXACTLY how I feel about the lake place. PB's dad was a very successful businessman before he retired at age 50. The lake place was his getaway. Funny thing is he doesn't use it anymore. We tried to invite him up this weekend, but he is too comfy in his country estate here.
But there's just something about being on the water.
Like you, I love it. It affects me unlike anything else.

Pb and I are gonna try and have a boat and our harleys.

And it is tough kicking the cookies.