Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Rich Quick

heading out to the backyard office. It is actually in the backyard. A small shed maybe 13 X 18. So much has changed since I first saw that shed. I look at my man, where I now live, what my life is like, and I am still amazed and thankful. No I am not rich with money. We don't live in a McMansion. We live in a small modular home on a deadend gravel road. There's a beautiful field we have and hardwoods in the back that stretch on forever. We wake up most mornings smiling and start to cuddle. Our lives are not perfect, far from it. But we are happy with what we have and deal with problems as they come.
Went over to my brother's last night. I feel sorry for him at times. He has so much and is so ignorant of what fact. He spends his life, whining about what he doesn't have. I really feel bad for my godsons. What a terrible example he sets. Glass half full programming.

And of course, we watched the Sons last night. Sons of Anarchy is like the Vrod. I did not want to like it. But I do. Hated the VRod, thought it was even uglier than the Buell. Then I rode one and have been craving one ever since.
I wanted to hate the Sons. I seldom watch "biker" tv shows. I have watched them and they just make me feel ill. I won't even get into how much I hate OCC, other than to say, they are an insult to all the real bike builders there are out there and maybe when Paul Sr dies I'll go dance on his grave. I have been on tv a few times and many of my friends have and I know all too well the real "reality" of those shows. So I had an attitude yet still watched an episode of Son's last year.

I was hooked. It is so well written. And as I used to hang with a club many years ago, I knew the show was pretty accurate in what it depicted. My brother even flew a patch for a number of years. He doesn't get FX but I think he would like it too.

Tonight is the gold party. Humm I wonder just how much I'll really get for my old gold?

Ok time to make the donuts.

I wish I had a donut or two. Chocolate covered with vanilla cream. But no donuts until late Oct.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Been catching up on my reading after I had a 'puter malfunction for a couple weeks.

Glad PB finally got his HD check. Dirtballs. I'll have to tell you a lovely little story about our dealer some day. I don't think the Davidson brothers would be very happy with how things are handled these days. Service?? Pfffft! Money??? Now your talking!

I hope your gold party goes well. From what you describe where life and happiness is concerned... you sound wealthy already. Good luck!

BTW... Love, love, love me some SOA! I'm hooked. (and ditto on the Tutles!) pffft again! LOL!