Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comfort Sounds

This picture of my niece Lyn. It was taken some years ago and displays the general theme of this blog entry. I do have news about the whole HD loan thing and about the family member who we thought was dissing us. But its Sunday and it got me to thinking.

My beautiful man is sleeping on the couch right next to me. The sound of a football on tv drifts through the house. What a wonderfully comforting sound. People talk about comfort food. Foods from our childhood that help us to feel that healing sensation that takes us back to those days of "innocence", before we became jaded and aware of the harsh realities of life. For me foods like Shepherd's pie, fish sticks, and those stuffed clams that come in the frozen packages, are my favorite childhood food. But what about comfort sounds?

Sunday were always special days in my parents' home. Either a football game or car race would be on tv. My dad sitting in his chair watching it. My mom in the kitchen cooking or reading the paper. Sundays were a day of family and renewal. Getting ready to start a new week of life, hoping against hope that this week would be better than the last.
So this morning had started with PB and I in bed spooning and cuddling. Running my fingers through the hair on his chest, amazed at how lucky I am to have him. I went to pick up Z Girl from the ex and then went grocery shopping.
I got home and started to prepare a very intense version of Shepherd's pie. PB had the Falcons game on. And I realised how good and healing it all felt. PB listening to the game and the sounds of pots and pans and cooking in the kitchen. Comfort sounds. A lazy Sunday. We had planned on working but PB asked if I minded if he watched some of the game. He's been watching the insides of his eyelids for over an hour now. But that's ok, men napping on the couch, football game on tv, Shepherd's pie baking in the oven. Renewing oneself for the coming week, that's what Sundays are for.

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