Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Perfect!!

That's a quote from "Back to the Future." Marty comes home after school to his poor man's life, and sees that his dad's car is wrecked.
This is just how I felt today after finding out my ex got laid off his job of 10 years on Friday and then today the boyfriend got laid off his job of 8 years.
So now the freelance artist ex wife / girlfriend has to somehow help support 2 men. Yes they will get unemployment but you know it won't pay all the bills and of course I'll have to be there for both, with advice and emotional support and trying to help them get their lives back on track.
My business is doing OK, not great but I'm getting by. And I was so very happy and grateful for that fact. I was happy and hopeful.
This morning, I was all set to write about the incredible weekend PB and I had at the lake.
I hear the BF's bike coming up the road. Reality time.
McFly said it best:
Perfect, just perfect!

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