Friday, September 18, 2009


Now for an update on the square PB is doing with the HD dealer. or rather the dance they are doing with him.
Torch said we should speak the dealership's general manager. Problem is, there has not been one for atleast 5 years.
Remember the scandal with Merrill Lynch? How their execs lived large with $35,000 toilets, I mean, commodes while the company tanked? That's how it is at this particular dealership. Long story short, the owners lived like movie stars, seldom coming by the dealership. Crying about hiow they were losing money and no one could get a raise. They could barely afford to keep the doors open. meanwhile they were buying vacation condos, $150,000 sports cars, boats, taking trips every month to Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, spa trips, buying each other $10,000 gifts. All of this was charged to the dealership as business expenses to entertain clients, even luxurious home improvements turning all their homes into places Madonna would live. None of which had anything to do with the business.
Meanwhile their employees can barely pay their bills, each one leaving for better paying jobs until there is a complete turnover of new employees every few months. Yet to ask for a raise is to be yelled at and threated with loss of job.
Plus the owners told their people that anyone has problems they has better work it out themselves. If the owners had to come in to deal with anything, that person would get fired. But one could make a desision. So in a sense the dealership runs itself with most of the day to day things being done by people who have been employed there less than a year who make little more than minimun wage.
With jobs being scarce there are about 3 people work there that have been there more than a year. All of the mechanics have less than a year of employment there.
So little by little the dealership tanks and the owners are angry as the can't understand why they can't keep spending for their lifestyle and that they actually have to go there occassionally. So they take it out on the employees who must be doing something to cause them, the owners such distress.

PB did not hear from the dealership and hsi calls were not returned. He did finally talk to the finance "guy" who told him yesterday that the check had finally been signed and that "it was in the FEDEx box" as we speak.

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