Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sell Your Old Gold for Big Cash!!!

Yeah sure. Most of my stuff was 10 kt gold, some 14 kt. But the heavy stuff was 10. PB had a few 14 kt pieces. In the end I had about 1 and 1/2 oz of 10 and 14 and walked away with $220. PB for about $180. But he kept out a 10 kt necklace and bracelet are have never been worn and are like new. They would have only given him $98 for them, and for that, he might as well kept them. He did give up his old wedding ring and I guess that meant something, as he's been divorced 7 years and kept it all this time.

Tomorrow is the big day, the new bike shed is being built. I can't wait!!! All our bikes lined up and space completely devoted to bikes and riding gear. Helmets hung on the wall. I know the guys will turn it into a little HD shop complete with neon signs. PB is already planning a 16 X 12 leanto off the back to keep his '67 firebird in. He's had the car since high school. It runs but needs lots of TLC. We'll build the lean to in the next few months. We already have most of the wood for it.
So I am pumped about the shed and that means more room in my "office" out back! It can be all workspace. PB and his bro can have their hangout down the hill and I have the building in the woods. PB and I will work in it together and there will be room for us both, But now we'll both have space to do things on our own. A couple should have time away from each other. Being together 24/7 is not always a good thing.
Plus I think it will be very good for him to spend time on his Firebird. That car has alot more potential than he wants to admit.

The ex Jack, is doing well now that he is unemployed. he's completely cleaned out and remodeled his shop at home. It looks great. Yesterday he built new supports to hold up the roof on the very badly sagging barn in back. He's got a good attitude these days which is way better than he was doing this time last year. It makes me happy to see him feeling good. I'm hoping he gets some work into his shop next month and I'm pretty sure that will happen.

When I got home last night, PB was so sweet to me. I guess he feels better now that he's got a little extra money and can pay his bills. I look at him, those eyes and my heart melts all over again each time. To think that beautiful, sweet, sweet man is mine.

If this is how the rest of my life is going to be, it was worth all those years I spent in hell.

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