Monday, October 5, 2009

A Month of Quickies

I need to blog, it kind of keeps me sane but time is so crunched. By the time I am done for the day, around 9pm, I have nothing left. I can only lay on the couch and whine for PB to nuture me. Which he does.
The picture is of my new shop one year ago. Imagine fitting 5 or 6 bikes in it.

So here goes.

1) My niece Lyn called me this morning. I love it when she starts a conversation with, "I don't really remember what happened, we were drinking and ..........." The next thing said is usually not real good. And at age 24, there is no telling her anything, but I still try. Oh to be young and forceful. I was supposed to see her today but my work is too busy. So we will hook up for endless shrimp at Red Lobster and maybe do some hiking after wards on Friday.

2)I see a steam cloud rising from our field last week during the morning. Turns out to be a big ass hole. Old well? Old Gold Mine (there is one less than a mile away)? naturally occurring underground cavern? We did some digging Sunday and found lots of giant old trees buried. The hole goes down about 6-7 ft? And its huge. Looks to be someone filled a giant deep pit with a bunch of trees and then covered it with dirtabolut 20 years ago. Humm. We were hoping it to be an old gold mine. I don't think so. But then, who dug that hole and why? I am that sucker is deep.

3) For a house of bikers, we don't do much riding these days, but lots of working on bikes. Its hard working with PB full time. I try not to get on his nerves. Its hard to trust someone to work with them full time and be with them. I can't always look cute when I'm working.
I still have a hard time believing that this wonderful man is mine. I'll be working and look at hime and think, wow, is this real?

4) Times are scary, with the ex and PB out of work, lots of respociblity on me. But I've been sleeping at night.

5) PB and I went into town saturday night. We had fun grocery shopping and then ordered italian food and waited for it, watching the cars go by and then playing Galaga. We love doing simple things. We bought pumpkins for out little halloween display.

6) The new sporty shed is coming along. PB reinforced the walls, installed lighting and outlets, put in shelves along one end with a workbench on top and is reinforcing the doors with new locks and such. And of course is insulating the shed. It is so awesome to have our bikes nice and clean in the new shed and not getting covered with work dirt in the shop.

7) And the leaves are turning red. I remember last year, so caught up in my new relationship, loving and embracing every moment of life. Work? What was that? At the time I had no idea I would be here a year later, living full time in this house. It was only a day dream. But here I am. And this is now my home. Its still not really my home. My things are mostly at my old house. Little by little I bring over things that compliment this house and fit with PB things. Little by little I trust this man more and more. My #1 worries these days are about work, business things. Last year my #1 worry was my relationship with PB. But now, I'm trying to get to that balance of work life and homelife.

8) As for the what's going on in the m/c world. I keep up a little. I lived the m/c world, 24-7 for too many years.

Balance. Its what I crave.

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