Friday, October 9, 2009

Love and Happiness

So Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Lets hope he keeps working towards those kind of goals. Anyhow I saw the headline and thought of peace and hope, and that went into Love and happiness, and that puts me in the mood for Al Green. He has a song, Love and Happiness.
Oh yes, smooth 70's soul music.

Waiting for stuff to be ready for more work so a few spare moments.

Been mt biking in the morning and hiking in the evening. Going to the lake tomorrow until Sunday. I'll workout like a crazy women, swimming and rowing there Sat and Sun. Gotta have this bod ready for Vegas and it ain't easy with PB tempting me with chips and salsa at 9pm. I did not deny. I'm going be hardcore. No more carbs after 2 pm. I need to start doing core stuff.

Watched a show about the Hippie movement yesterday. brought back lots of memories. Funny seeing older folks that look like ads for AARP and they were hippies in the 60's, all young and free.

Meeting Lyn and the BF today for endless shrimp. We love endless shrimp. The men will attend too. They don't want to.

Almost done with the big project. PB is prepping next week's projects. Then a dude called from Afghanistan and it looks like I'll get his project. And a check is coming for last month's project. I think I'll work tonight.

Oh and shit yes, I'll be getting up at 6 am tomorrow morning for sure. I want to be in the shop at 7 am. WHY? My favorite show, America's Next Top Model is doing a all day marathon and I'm gonna miss most of it. Gotta leave for the lake at 12. The marathon starts at 8am. I do the best work when that show is on.
I don't care what I'm doing, but I'll be in that shop working tomorrow morning pre lake.

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