Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Raining and Sons

Its still raining here. I left the heater on in the shop so I would wake up to a warm shop. Its really no longer summer. Working on a t bucket today. PB will work on insulating the sporty shed.

And its Sons tonight. Yeah! 10 pm, the house stops and watches FX.

The picture? It was taken in 1982. Those were my cars, a 66 and 69 Mustang. Both were hot rodded. The 66 had a 302 with 289 heads and the 69, had a 351 Cleveland Cobra Jet motor. Wowza! These days I have hot rod bikes, not cars. The good old days? In some ways they were. Too bad ny bf was such an idiot back then. We could of had the world by the balls. Or at least came came close.

O a confession, my other favorite show these days? America's Next Top Model. My daughter in law got me hooked on that one. Bad assed biker chick who watches ANTM? I guess I'm not so bad anymore. I could say I am old, but I feel like a kid. PB and I do that to one another. Two people starting their lives over. We bring out the vitality in each other.

Ok now to make breakfast and get in the shop. Shower night last night. PB and I are all fresh smelling and curly headed. It is so hard to get out of bed when that man is next to me.

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