Saturday, October 31, 2009


A little girl I used to know (who is now a very worldly 22 going on 40, yr old), used to say the cutest things. She would not go trick or treating, she'd say she was going "halloweening." She also had mall shoes, shoes you'd wear only to the mall. Too cute. Ya gotta embrace that age cos too all too soon, your IQ suddenly drops and you become stupid and uncool.
Two weeks ago me and the godsons did our pumpkin thing, results are seen in the above picture.
I haven't had time to write much, as PB and I are getting ready to go to the big yearly trade show in Vegas. We leave Monday morning. I am displaying a bike at one booth there plus working at another booth.
So we've been going like hamsters frantically running in a wheel, trying to get ready for the show, AND get out two big projects before we leave, and I have to finish designs for another customer, and have work loaded into my laptop, as I have to work on 3 designs on the plane trip.
I have one customer picking up a project this afternoon and my real big project leaves tomorrow. (God I hope so!!! Please come and get this thing!!)
And my oldest godson turns 11 today and we are expected at my brother's for cake promptly at 1 pm today or the bro will do his best imitation of Paul Sr on a bad day. (I hate that show BTW.)
So PB is napping peacefully on the couch. His bro is watching SciFi. I'm getting ready to play with Photoshop until cake time. Then its time to put the final touches on the project until the customer comes to pick it up.
Still have to pack for Vegas and not forget anything essential like my business cards, decide just what I will do to entertain the crowds at the booth, and the most important thing of all! Pick out jeans that actually fit my temporarily enormously sized ass. 50 pairs of jeans and 5 sorta fit.
Tomorrow is finish packing the bags, do final cleanup on the big project, and meet with the customer who hopefully pays me with a smile on his face.
AND, I did finally get my hair done yesterday, no nappy salt is visible, just silken strands of ashe brown and blonde. But if it gets wet, it will again resemble frizzy steel wool. And the forecast is for showers until Monday morning.
PB only has to pack a few pairs of jeans and his hair always looks good. Frickin' men. Lucky suckers!

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Good Luck on the show!