Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girl On a Motorcycle

It was cold as hell last Sunday. Beautiful fall colors, sunny, but frickin ass cold. So of course I go riding. It was first time I had ridden since July when I broke my hand. And the first time I had ridden the chopper since May. And I'm still fat as hell, so the leather pants were not even an option. I got out the chaps and PB tried to help me get them on. Now the chaps were custom made for me over 25 years ago when I was a bright and sunny 20 yr old. I weighed 105 and worked out all the time. I am now 45+ and I haven't seen 105 lbs in over 20 years.
PB tried to get the zippers all the way, and shook his head and said, "Poor baby, I think the chaps shrunk."
But I got them fuckers up and off we went. See I had to go ride cos Barbie rode up from FLA for a visit. Don't get me wrong, I love riding. I live to ride at times. I'll ride hard all. And not that bar to bar nonsense. Rain, whatever, I'm riding.
Barb of course did not bring any cold weather clothes being a Florida beach bunny and all.
So we get all leathered up and off we go. And as the sporty is over at Jack's, I had to ride the chopper. But I really did want to ride it. That bike is a kick in the ass to ride.
So we rode up the lake. We stopped at Red Robin for lunch and warmed up before we hit the interstate. The chopper was made for the highway. It does not like running under 45. And I had to keep slowing up for PB and Barb.
So you know how when you are riding in the cold weather, all you can think about, it how good it will feel to get to your destination and WARM UP. Well we were going to the cabin at the lake and there's no heat there. So we go out to dock and sunshine, and we were still denied, as there was this cold ass wind blowing. We're standing there, froze to the bone. It sucked, And PB comes up with the idea to start a fire.
Hell yes!!
And we were warm. There was even graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars in the cabin. Yeah! Smmores!!!!
We sat by the fire, ate smmores, and gazed out over the fall beauty of the lake while being warm as toast. It was a slice of heaven.
Now in the old days, meaning until now, every time Barb and I go someplace we always wait till late to leave to go back home. This has, of course led to some insane nighttime adventures in which we are usually wet, cold and riding for hours in the dark. Despirately crouching by the motors, warming up at gas stops.
We laugh about it now, but forget how hellish it felt at the time.
I look over at the sun, which was pretty low in the sky. PB and Barb are warm by the fire.
I say its time to go. They want to stay longer. Nope, no frickin way i am getting home in the dark. I am so adiment about this, that despite the protests, we trade the cozy warmth of the fire for the hour's worth of deep freeze of the road. We put out the fire and leave.
We get back to the Chopper Compound just as the sun sets.
Hell yes, it did feel good to not get home in the frickin dark!


B.B. said...

I got cold just reading this post! Great blog, I will definately come back!

Spooky Lil Girl said...

Glad you like it! I'll have more riding posts coming up after we get back from Vegas.