Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Scariest Story

The hell with horror movies, the scariest stories, atleast for any woman can be found on Cosmo magazine's online website. Those words I have been waiting to hear. Turns out they don't mean shit. Woman after woman posted stories about how they had been dating a guy for a year or two. The dude says "I love you so much." Then the next day or next week, they break up with the chick. Sometimes with a text message. Then the next chick they meet, they're married or engaged within 6 months.
So do these words mean anything? To be lulled into a false sense of peace. Now granted, there are two sides to every story, maybe the women gained all kinds of weight or shut down for sex or started being bitchy and picky. You know, how people are nicer in the beginning?
I saw PB last night and he was so sweet. I hold his face in my hands and look into those amazing eyes and just know I will only grow to care for him more. I see into those eyes and think, this person has never really had a chance to be who and what he really is. I think he is capable of such love and life. I think he really does care very deeply for me. But can he tell me?
And just what do those words mean? I have heard them from several men over the years and in the end, it turned out they didn't mean so much after all. To be told "I love you." But their actions sent a message of "yeah, you mean alot to me, where's the bar and the strippers?" or "where's the cociane and my old girlfriend?"

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