Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its Official. I Suck.

at guitar hero. Its pretty embarrassing, especially in light of the fact that I used to play guitar. I even took lessons for 4 years. Sure I have not touched a guitar, other than to paint, in over 20 years. But still, a 10 year old child kicks my ass at Guitar Hero.
Hell, learning to ride a jockey shift bike was easier. Suicide clutch even. The dude explained how it worked and what I had to do. I took off on the bike and before I had even made one pass in the parking lot, I shifted smoothly from gear to gear and was loving it. This fricking thing, I kept missing notes, song after song. Gimme a jockey shift any day of the week.
So for now I will stick with what I am good at, writing books, painting shit, and drinking cosmos. And riding motorcycles. But not at the same time. Drinking cosmos and riding, of course. Now drinking cosmos and writing? Hey it worked for Dr Thompson.

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