Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Which PG is happy for a change.

Yesterday was a good day. And I know from experience to treasure those days. The hubby and I had breakfast and fixed the porch. We even rode into town and went to the hardware store and bought lunch.
We hung out as friends. It was so nice and then last night I went over PB's and helped him in the shed with the new window. We sat at the table and ate leftover chicken cordon bleu and mac and cheese. We went to bed and i found out that my timing was bad. Poor PB. I put his hand someplace that got him excited and then the porr sweet guy can't do what he wants. But welaughed about it. We laugh alot, about everything, usually flagulance and sex.
We ended up cuddling and sleeping.
I am so happy to be with this beautiful sweet man. I am falling so hard for him. How could I not? But if he is so wonderful how could the last 3 women dump him? I pray his bad old days are behind him.
Saw the hubby this morning. He is being so good to me. I am in love with him, as a friend. My respect for him is growing.

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