Friday, December 19, 2008

The Rollercoaster

Some people like the rollercoaster. I don't. Not in relationships anyway. When I last wrote, the rollercoaster felt like it was heading on the low side. But things improved. PB got all sweet and super sweet again and it felt good. I want to kick back and enjoy it. Not worry if the world will kicked out from under me just when I start to feel secure about what is going on.
I wonder what is going through his head. He is such a mystery at times, but then I guess most guys are. And that is not an attractive quality. Give me predictable any day. There is plenty to wonder about in my life, my personal relationship? No, I don't need mystery.
But he is very mysterious. The things he wants. What he dreams of. I don't spend alot of time thinking about this kinda stuff. Too busy working and enjoying our time together.
And the crazy thing is I feel so secure with him. Well I guess as close to secure as I could come. He remembered it was 6 months last night.

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