Monday, December 29, 2008

And when the going gets weird, the weird

well, you know the rest and if you don't, then you are missing out on some of the greatest american literature of our time and I cannot help you in any way.
Everybody that calls me asks me how my Christmas was. It was wonderful and weird, very weird, but very wonderful. And when your life is as fucked up as mine seems to be most of the time, you savor the unhellish portions.
I woke up at PB's Christmas morning and for the first time in well over 15 years, I had Christmas morning sex. PB wanted to open gifts, but he had to go to his ex in laws, so I went over my brother's house and listened to fasinating holiday morning conversation. "Yeah, Sher's gotta go to macys tomorrow. Dey got 2 for 1 bras and she needs new bras for her cans cos they're big as houses."
The bro asked me what I was making for dinner for PB and I said pork chops. He replied, "Sheri's gonna get a pork chop later tonight."
My godson opened his presents, he loved the Star Station I got him. he loves to watch himself on tv and now he can do that and sing and dance and see it all.
Then I went home and spent 5 hours with the husband. We opened presents (super cool HD sweaters, 1 was even cashmere!) and I made a ham. Then it was back to PB's for presents and affection and more sex. He gave me a Bluetooth, The Ov-Glove and a slow cooker cockpot that I wanted.
Then Friday I had to drive to Nashville to deliver the horrible swingarm and the bike frame from Hell. It was 6 hours to get there but worth it just to say good da fuck bye.
Friday night it was back in my baby's arms for serious cuddling.
Saturday we went to a party to meet PB's old friends and poker buddies. They said I was an upgrade from his last GF. We had a wonderful time and yes he was the hottest guy in the bar. he later told me I was the cutest chick there. Not bad for a couple of old farts. We were too beat for sex.
But........Sunday morning, we made up for that. Sunday we listened to the Panthers almost blow it again and worked on the addition to the Crazy Horse Annex. Plus I made the most kick ass barboque in the new crock pot. Super yummy! It was a weird day, rainy and drizzle and then sun and then mkore drizzle. We got totally muddy and me in my $350 Tecnicas. But they rinse off and it was back to cuddling. Poor PB had to sit through Fargo. "That's 2 hours I'll never get back."
Now I am helping the husband fix our front porch and tonight I will be back at PB's cooking meatballs and having sex but not at the same time.
Ok gotta go help hubby.


The porch is fixed and hubby referred to the BF as my prince. Humm, I think he knows something more about PB. He might just have an idea of what he looks like. Maybe he is finding out that he is not a bad guy with poor taste.

Gotta make an appointment at the vet for Zoe. Hoping she and the soon to be born puppies are doing good.

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