Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can't Rain all the Time

It was the last line in the movie, The Crow. It rained all through that movie and at the end it stopped raining and Darla said, "At least it finally stopped raining." And the Elly replied,"it can't rain all the time."

I think that sums up how I feel about my life these days. It finally stopped raining. And I feel positive about the future.

Yesterday I brought the sporty over the the ex's. He said I bent the handle bars when i went down. Hell we have no idea whose handlebars they are. So that will make it harder to replace them. AS for it running like shit, I'm hoping the coil is the problem, but Jack will go through it. Jack and I seem to be getting along well. Its nice to see him joining society even at his age. He is enjoying being on Facebook, he gets to be social with his Hamster buddies and they can get to know him better. His little world is expanding.

Watched Woodstock last night. PB tried to fix the sink and sorta did. I'm trying to diet and went ot get a cookie and he teased me about going in the cookie jar. So I denied myself. Then he brings me a cookie on a napkin.


After we layed in bed and he told me how much I meant to him. It was so healing, after so much time of not knowing what I really meant to him, he truly does love me the way I love him.

Ok today it is back to the real world. no fucking around. Got to get some real work done. We've both been so lazy.

We have that trip to the mountains planned. And one last thing, so many people in the m/c world have these "I'm such a hardass" attitudes. Like anyone that rides a dresser is a pussy. Or anyone that rides a non kickstart bike, or is a HOG member, or that trailers their bike, or whatever is a pussy. I say screw them. I'm am so ready to have it out with one of them. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!

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