Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Now a few Words on Big Dicks

Every girl wants one. Just look on tv. I got up at my usual time this morning, 5:30 and turned on the tv. I had to do some Photoshopping that will be a pain and tv helps in these situations. On G4 there was PAID advertisement for some kind of larger penis med. It was these women, talking about how they dump guys that don't have big dicks. Young, gorgeous blondes, yes most of them were blondes whining about how guys with small ones don't do it for them, Neither do guys who don't want to do it all the time.
"I don't spend all night at dinner or drinks, I want it! I'll be sitting there at dinner, wondering just when is he going to do me!"
Yes, I know that's EXACTLY what I'm usually thinking on the first date every time.
I do have to admit on the first date with PB that I was really hoping for a REALLY long and passionate goodnight kiss.

By the end of the second date, and I mean 7 hours into it, I really wanted him to jump me. And PB is one hot looking man. Like romance novel cover hot. And I had not had sex in years. I was really ready. But that was at the END of that date.
And as many women know, guys who are super large? Are usually super sucky in bed. And all that size is not all that fun.
But its not the size of a man's penis that a women first thinks about when the clothes start flying off, its how he handles himself.
And besides, those pills? DON'T WORK!!!
But enough of this. I have to work for a living as there are important things in life than big dicks.


Webster World said...

Well I do love the Perfect women thing. But I learned looong ago it takes more than that. I learned too that there is an art to love making and size ain't it so much. My wife loves the time I take to make it work. And I her with working slow. There is an art to it and I'm an artist. Nice writing girl.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I must admit, I am supprised to see this post coming from the female side of blogging. You are funny. I like your style.