Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Broken hand and Sturgis musings

I haven't writien in a while and things happen at a fast pace around here. So here are some quickly written highlights.

I did not go to Sturgis this year. Mostly cos I did not want to leave the boyfriend behind again. This relationship is very important to me. Sure I should have gone and networked and stood next to the latest bike I worked on, while it made appearances at shows, and got all kinds of publicity but even if I did want to go. I couldn't have gone. As I broke my hand coming back from the Mountain Fest rally last month. The ex went and he had a great time doing his Hamster stuff. And I was very happy for him. Arlen liked his new bike, actually everyone did and that made me feel good. the last year has been hard for him and it makes me happy to see him settling into his life without me.

It was hard not being there in Sturgis. I kept up on Facebook with many of my friends who were there. I heard Steven Tyler was an ass at Lichter's party. Yeah last week was rough. My heart was in the Black Hills, carving up Spearfish canyon. Hell not even Jose was there. Not the same without the crew from PR.

Bruce Rossmeyer died in a bike wreck exactly one year and a day after Click Baldwin died in the very same way. Trying to pass a vehicle turning into a campground. Neither man had been wearing a helmet. Now I have never been a big fan helmets, growing up in a no helmet law state, did not even own one till I went to Fla in '94. But after Click's wreck I wore my DOT helmet all the time and I am glad I did as my little go-down in West Virginia? I hit my head and yeah I had a bit of a concussion and was slightly foggy for a week but if i had not been wearing it? Who knows? So I wear the helmet. I hate it, but I wear it. Bruce was a rare person, a rich guy who shared his wealth.

PB and I went to the Coldplay concert. He bought me tickets for our anniversary. It was incredible. We tailgated munching on bacon sauteed shrimp, brocolli salad and chocalate covered cherries. PB even made me a pitcher of Cosmos. He got me a glowy bracelet and held me as I rocked to the music. The music could not have been better.

My hand is healing but it is still not 100% and that scares me as I make a living with that hand. This sucks.

I smoked a pork roast yesterday. First time ever. I have had my smoker for 10 years now and never used it. It came out wonderful. The taste? Just perfect. In fact I am about to go and zap a plate of it right now along with some sauteed green beans. I'll write more tomorrow about the West Virgina trip as it was quite an adventure. One I am literally still recovering from.

Oh yeah and PB finally told me what I needed and wanted to hear.

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