Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another day, this one better I hope.

Long conversation with Sasha last night. (The picture above is not Sasha, it is Goth who was in Discovery's Bike Women.) Sasha was one of the women on the Discovery Channel's Bike Women documentary. We had a good conversation about the lack of media attention women for women motorcyclists. We still do not get the respect we deserve. Sure HD has its women's days, the Motor Company is doing better but I feel they are merely pandering for customers. There's no real substance behind it. For example take HD's 105th celebration. At House of Harley the women's activities were put at the very back of the facility. It was shameful. All of us involved came many miles, worked very hard to be ready and put on good shows, good seminars. It was a real chance to bring attention to women who ACTUALLY EARN A LIVING in the industry. And we were in the back where not many could see us.
And what motorcycle show is on tv and getting all the media attention, a show about male criminals who ride bikes. Yeah I admit I like the show and I watch it but look at the shows that the media gives the attention to. A family of dis functional men who build tacky bikes that are pieces of shit in real life. Sorry but they are. The Tuetles are true assholes and do not deserve the fans they have. A fact I know to be absolutely true They are piss poor representations of the custom bike industry and an insult to all of us who make our living in it.
So what the public have to use as a insight into our lives? A bike gang of criminals and an obnoxious male family that screams at each other and acts like spoiled brats and charges people $20 for autographs after making them stand in line for hours.
Arlen would never do that.
I don't know, its just frustrating. I wish I had made the time to go to the AMA Women's Conference this year. And sadly I would have had the time to do it, broken hand and all. The hand is much better by the way. I would have had to ride the sporty to the Colorado and back tho and I know PB would have had heart failure over it. It would have upset him too much. That was one thing about the ex, he wouldn't have had a problem. He knows how road savvy I am.
But maybe they'll start having more than every 3 years. Comon 3 years?
See this is part of my rant here. The AMA only recognises women riders every 3 years. Sad.

And that last filming of Sasha, Betsy and Gevin and Gen? Sasha says she's heard its on cable, but she never saw any footage. Did it ever even air? And then there's the whole disappointment of what happened to Gypsy. What Biker Build Off, how they portrayed her. So wrong. And then the real tragedy of Sammy. Something that many of us who knew her, will always be haunted by. Thinking and knowing, we could have done something and we should have. Because she deserved better.
The media does not really recognise women bikers. Not the way it should.

As for my life this morning. The days are getting shorter. Its dark at 5;30 when we get up. Last night I realized I really deeply love PB. I want to fight for what we have. I don't want to lose him to his demons if that's what they are. But I don't want to lose myself. So I am going to give it a real chance. I always give up on him or rather, on us so easily. And I always say I'm gonna give it a real try and then I give up again. I guess I am so nervous that it will be like my marriage was. Maybe I am traumatised from that and I don't realize it.

And so there you have it. I'm gonna hike around the lake this morning. And get in a whole day's work. And be a good woman to my man. Its been a long journey out from the darkness of the last few years.

And yes, I have a bad attitude. I'm not nice. Well I am nice sometimes. But I am definitely not politically correct.


chessie said...

Have you and I met? We seem to know or crossed paths with many of the same women...and I concur with your assessment of what's happening with the portrayal of women in the media.

Gypsy...she and I have known each other since the old days...1978...

I worked at Accurate Engineering when she was building Bitch Slap for the Biker Build off....
I'm aware of how hard she worked for the bike...and how she came off looking in the film.

I'm glad you found my website...because yours works with my ideas of what's right and wrong...and I like your style...I'll be back.

Spooky Lil Girl said...

You probably know me. I don't know if we have met. I started writing this blog as sorta of as a stress release last year. A place I could blow off stream and kind of work through the crisis that was going on in my life. A therapy of sorts. There were times when I was not sure I would get through it.
My life is in a much better place, in fact my broken hand may have been a good thing as it made me take time off working for a few weeks and just chill. Something I have not done in over 15 years.
But I want this blog to remain a place where I can be honest and still purge and work through things that are going on in my life without it affecting my business life. I feel that if I said who I was, I would not be so inclined to write as honestly as I have been.
Now that my personal life seems to be in a better place, I can get back to my business life which is motorcycles.
And of course the state of womens' custom motorcycling.
I don't know if you knew Samantha Morgan. We lost her last year and it was a great loss. I don't feel Sammy ever really got her due. She was a legend. Her story is so tragic, yet so compelling.
So sad that so many don't get the recognition until after they are gone.
The same kudos goes for Gypsy. Its sad as she has more heart, desire and determination than many who are famous. She deserves so much more.
But this blog is also my chance to say the truth, that many of us cannot say in our public life.
Thanks for stopping by my little blog.