Friday, November 21, 2008

The reality of dating after age 40.

If only Lindsay’s mother had not gone insane, she never would have ended up studying for her nursing exam at my house. And if she never had spent those ten days at my house, if Lindsay had not dared me to look at the online personals for hot local men, I never would have met him.
And life would be very different. So you could say I have Lindsays’ insane mother, my former best friend to thank for meeting the man I always wanted. Or rather the kind of man I always wanted. Sweet, kind, affectionate, pacient, hard working, likes the same things I do, like cars, motorcycles, and lots of sex, and one of the most beautiful looking creatures on the planet earth.

Too bad he know just how hot he is. He only works a half day on Friday and right now he is out in the cold tearing apart lumber structures so he can take home the wood and build a shop for us.
And the dating after 40 part? Its scary. Its too easy to get scared off. Scared of being hurt. I'll never forhget the first time I saw him. Standing there in a whitetank top, jeans, hair flowing back, holding a small bouquet of gardenias. I thought, "Oh no." Look up 'Heartbreaker-Ladykiller- player in the Book of Men Types, and there is a picture of a guy who looks just like him. Go ahead and look. But then figured what the hell, give him a try.

That was 5 months ago. I'm glad I stuck it out. I always say how sweet he is. Barb said something very interesting, she said, "Sure he's sweet, sweet to you." And he is. The other night we were drifting off to sleep, cuddled up against each other and he whispers to me, "Sleep well you sweet girl." It was the way he said it. he says I am so sweet to him. I am. But only sweet to him. I did say something mean to him the other morning. I made a comment about his hairline receeding. I was only kidding but I guess it is true and it really bothers him. But sometimes I have to keep him a little bit on the ground. He can get a little too full of himself. But he is becoming more and more precious to me. Every night we fall asleep in each others arms, everytime he works late building a shop for us, each time he cuddles with me and watches tv, in short, each thing we do together. I have never had anyone like him in my life and it stirs me deeper than anything ever has. I know he has never has anyone like me in his life.
Ok I'll stop being so nausiating. In 3 hours I go to take my godsons out to dinner. 4 and 10 years old. I get to give them their Vegas gifts and spend time with them. My men.

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