Thursday, November 20, 2008

If its not one thing..........

its another. Just when I try to settle in and get some kind of routine in my life, wham! Something else happens. I think I should just give up and write a cheezy romance novel and get it over with. My friends are always calling in for updates. Its like a twisted Sex In the City, only on motorcycles. Tonight I girl it up for a night out with PB. Wearing my winter designer dress.
This afternoon, I was busily minding my own business, ironing my hair and the rogue wave hits.
So I gobble down my new passion, an orange flavored Goody's Powder. Dang that shit works good. Better than Zanax.
Ok, time for girl stuff, dress, makeup, tall shoes, and Chanel. Should bought some Coco in Vegas.

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