Thursday, April 1, 2010

Westboro Baptist "Church?"

Ok so this supposed church that protests at military funerals and all kinds of other events. I saw something about this on facebook this morning and spent a few minutes looking it up. And here is how I feel about it.

1) Its not really a church. Its a washed up lawyer who came up with a sick, but novel way to keep his name in the news and make money.

2) He and his greedhog children are bullies. Plain and simple. They torment those who have done no wrong. Families who are going through great tragedies as they bury their loved ones. if this "church" has such a hatred for this country, why don't they go somewhere else? If they have such contempt of the government, why don't they protest Congress instead of brutally picking on people who are simply trying to bury their loved ones?

3) They do it because they are cowardly bullies who hide behind the same laws that protect the same people they are against. They are hypocritical bullies who only want publicity so they can get money.

4) If anyone is going to burn in hell? They can rest assured they will be first in line.

5) People like them make the world an ugly place.

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