Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Being Happy Thing

Strange thoughts on a wild strange day. Its about 4:30 Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting on David's back porch, on the streened in side. Its pouring rain out side and I'm writing on the computer. David is inside napping. soon I'll wake him. We just back from the Smoke Out. Rode about 100 miles from Rockingham. Got hit by the rain once, a real downpour. Completely soaked. Nothing like a riding a hardtail chopper with a short rear fender in the rain. You just have to laugh. It cleared up a bit and we stopped and I changed into dry clothes. Made it the rest of the way with a a few sprinkles. Now its raining for the real, the raining like a mutherfucker all day long, kind of rain.
My editor has my book ready for me to review but it is Sunday and I no longer work on Sundays.
The Smoke Out was ok. Some people were jerks to me, others were unreal awesome nice. But I knew in advance some people were gonna be asses due to the ex.
Don'tknow what the week ahead will be like and don't really care. It's Sunday, my day off. I had to starr having real Sundays or I would have finished losing my mind.
Saw that Michael Jackson has skin cancer. The dude was the king back in the 80's, and a sick nightmare joke ever since.
Sabel Star died last month but that is a blog post all in itself. For another time. Last year I has just gotten back the Smoke Out. I had ridden about 200 hard miles on the chopper. I was beat but I had a hot date that I could not miss out on. I had been excited for days leading up to it. I mean I couldn't believe he was even gonna meet me for that date. I had not met him in person yet.
Now I'm gonna walk in the house and wake him up. We're gonna go for Chinese food at the same we ate a year ago. That Sunday night after the '08 Smoke Out changed my life. I am happy. Its ok to be happy.

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