Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday morning

It was a good saturday night. Spent it at PB's house and we hung out with his boy. I managed to get World of Warcraft going and the boy has been hard at it. But he took a break to play Texas Hold em with my and his dad. I won (of course.) 10 years since I played poker and I still win.
We got the addition to the shed finished. PB and the boy poured concrete yesterday.
But there is still weirdness.
Friday night was PB's night with the boy and I spent it with the hubby. Second time ina row that PB called me when I was hanging with the hub. And it was the second time I missed the call. he got so whatever that he texted me, "cal me."
It took me a while as hubby and I were talking and I really needed to talk to him about how he has been feeling. Hub is doing much better and I want to keep it that way. Like Shane says, baby steps.
Little by little Hub will get used to it.
But I feel bad that I was not there to immediately take PB's call. I don't want him to get the wrong impression. The hub is only my friend and family, not anything more. PB is my man and I am very much a 1 man woman.
We had fun last night, the boy seems to be accepting me again and I know PB digs that.
We played video games and then this morning his -----------woke me up. he claims he was asleep. I guess it has a mind of its own.
We messed around and then got up to play in the mud, it was raining outside and we wantedto see if it was leaking into the shed. Later I washed dishes and started the beef stew.
Its so nice being here. The woods are like back home in CT. I truly do love it here with him. Wonderful days.
But Zoey is due this week. I am very nervous about it. G0ing through the whole delivery thing again.
So here is where I am on a Sunday noontime. Sitting on the couch at a very handsome mans home, a man who I am so happy and proud to be with, to call my man, his son is playing WOW over on the computer, PB is outside working on his new shop and I am on my laptop.
We are alive and happy on planet earth living a miracle each day and it is all so temporary. So fleeting. I want to enjoy what I have left. I want to enjoy it with PB.

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