Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick One

Life with PB is very quiet, calm and sweet. It is more than I could have hoped for. I think I love this sweet simple yet amazing man. Sweet texts between us this morning. Funny how two people in their 40's can be so nuts for each other.
Life with Jack is good. We are friends. I do love very deeply him but not romantically.
My best friend's ex hubby killed himself Friday. Awfulness. It would have destroyed me if Jack killed himself. Suicide is so selfish.
I'm talking to Marie again. It feels good. I think I can handle it if she flips out again.
Lindsay passed her nursing test. Thank GOD!
I have got to spend more time with my godson. Very important.
I have slowly catching up with my work.
This past weekend was the big bike show here. Lots to say about it. The heydey of that show is gone. I want to to write about it. Maybe next weekend I will.
The puppies are doing well. Mommy dog is good.
Time to work. Hoping I can write a good post next weekend bragging on how much I got done.
The cloudy days have been getting on my nerves.
Wow it looks as tho the sun might come out and dry out this soggy world.

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