Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunny Daze...

It was so cold this past winter, it actually seemed as if it would never end. Then to go to Daytona and have it be the coldest Daytona Bike Week I had ever been to (since 1993.) So it is a wonderful thing to have temps here in Cane Creek, NC in the 60s and 70s. Sunday it rained but I still had to do some riding gear testing so off PB and I went, had to take riding pics for the magazine article. There's so many very cool places to use as backdrops for photos. Taking riding pics are harder than it looks. You can take 20 pics and if you get one great one, you're lucky. But it is always fun to go riding with him, discovering the backcountry around here.
But I am loving the new FXRG gear, its mostly all it was cracked up to be. Plus I now have a Nolan helmet. Between that and the gear, I feel like I can ride though anything.

Never thought I would be digging on a full face helmet but so far, I am hooked. Plus my face will now be saved. 30 plus years of riding have done a number on my skin. (flapping down the road. I hate that.)

Martha did not stop by either of my places this past weekend. So hell yes. She caused me so much stress last week in a way that only family can do.

This Saturday I am riding across SC to my first Motor Maids meeting. Its supposed to be sunny and cold, high 61. But I'll be warm and comfy behind my helmet and under my gear. Its amazing how much having this stuff has changed the way I ride. I enjoy riding in any kind of weather.
And riding across SC is one of my favorite rides. Its like riding through the Twilight Zone. All these little backwater towns straight out of 1960. So many neat old houses and barns. So much history. I haven't gotten to do this particular ride in many years. So I'm looking forward to it. Plus I get to meet the other members in my district. PB can't go as he has his younger son this weekend. First time I have ridden alone on a long ride since PB started riding.

Meanwhile I dream of weekends at the lake. Yes, I am happy and enjoying these days. Who knows when hell may arrive?

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Your weekend ride across SC sounds heavenly! We'll be on the road Saturday ourselves... temps are going to be in the mid 70's here too.

Hubby and I are usually riding together, but it's fun to ride solo on those rare occasions. Enjoy the solitude! It can be so rewarding when your doing something you love.

Glad to hear hell's staying away, and enjoy those "sunny daze"!