Thursday, March 11, 2010


The prissy little Goth cat is sleeping on the loveseat and I just finished doing some computer drawings. Z dog is on squirrel watch keeping the woods safe from squirrel rampages. PB is out in the shop working. He has such an attention to detail when he works. It seems so strange. As if it was meant to be. All those years of working alone, carrying the weight of my business by myself. And here I meet this man who sure has hell seems to be all I ever wanted. Well most of what I wanted in a life partner. He's sweet, loving, considerate, passionate, artistic, loves to cuddle, likes most things I like, enjoys having adventures but likes to stay home. Plus I find him incredibly gorgeous. After almost 2 years, I am still completely goofy over him.
A buddy of mine asked me if PB minded that I rode a badassed custom chopper and PB rode a pretty much stock 1200 sporty. The friend said, no way could he do that, that his woman would have cooler bike than him.

I told him PB was not like that. He is secure enough in his manhood that he is proud to have a woman with such a cool bike. Male pride is a complex thing. Or maybe not. Most men in my life were very proud, but any successes I had seemed to bother them to the point where they would try and bring me down. They'd say mean, demeaning things to make themselves feel better.

The young Pony Girl put up with that. At least for a while.

But the main thing, is PB is happy to have the life he has with me. Thankful to even have a bike. To have a job working on motorcycles.

It is another thing PB and I have in common, we both know how lucky we both are to have each other and the life we share together. I look around our little house, and the atmosphere is one of peacefulness. Sometimes it surrounds me and makes me feel a security that I have never known before.

I know I can let the darkside of life get me down at times, but this winter had a tendency to do that.

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