Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why the Silly BS???

I just on a online m/c board and was reminded why I tend to stay away from the current m/c world unless my living depends on it. I mean, if customer keep on coming to my shop, then I would seldom even go to bike events. In fact, there is one bike event I usually go to every year, but this year I will not be there.

Life is just way too short for the stupid infighting. This one did that or this one said this. That is one thing about being old, and being in this business longer than most of the whiners now involved. And these guys just keep on whining and crying and creating drama.

Plus, its a scary world out there. I also tend to stay away from watching or reading the news, as it is just plain scary. Two men in my household are currently without jobs and there are no jobs in their professions around here. Hell, 20 years again, when I was welding, I would get $10 an hour. Now the cost of living has increased a bunch and I look in the paper and hell, that's still the going rate for welding? And one of the men is in his 60's. Like anyone would hire him to weld?

Millions of people can't find jobs cos most of the jobs are gone forever, most to China.

My brother in law is constantly talking about how the economy is going to fall completely and the nightmare that will follow. It drives me nuts as I have enough to do without trying to deal with his end of the world talk. Ok I have to work my ass off, come up with enough work to keep two households going and now it all may be for nothing as the the USA crumbles around me?

Oh I just want it to be summer and go to the lake and relax and forget.

But its winter and its cold and wet. And times are tough and ( getting tougher maybe.) All while the world watches tv and forgets how much richer the rich are getting and how most of us are getting poorer.
I mean who gives a fuck about the "stars' of reality tv? Like that is gonna help me pay my bills?
Oh well, enough of that. Somehow I'll survive and my life will go on. And Wall Street execs got over 20 Billion in bonuses. But the majority of the country can barely pay their bills. Sick, sick world.


KT Did said...

Yes, its sad when the tv is all reality these days... and its not even "reality". Who lives those lives anyway!? I don't even think they do... that's how crazy that is.
Hope you can get out and about soon. Being couped up from the weather sucks.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sounds like you are kind of down and out, and times are tough for you. I do hope things start looking up for you soon and you can start counting your blessings, rather than looking at a glass that is half empty.


Keith said...

One can only do what one can do. Summer may not help all the problems, but it certainly does seem to help the attitude.

Getting older has changed what is important to me. Now I go to work, come home, and love those Life gives me to love. I'm grateful to have a job. There was a time I didn't have one and things were quite dark, but that isn't now.

I've been reading your blog, rooting for you, and delighting in the turns your life has taken of late. It seemed time to let you know I've been sending you my goodwill for some time. I don't know if it helps, but I know it can't hurt.

Thanks for sharing.

Spooky Lil Girl said...

Thanks for the comments! I am feeling much better. This winter has been pretty rough in too many ways. It seemed to beat down on me from too many different directions.
The poor ecomnomy, the brutal cold and wet weather, a bad judgement call in January. It seemed everywhere I stepped, there was only quicksand or thin ice. But there has been a break in the storms and I am savoring it.