Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back From Hell?

God I hope so. I haven't written in a while as life took one of turns straight into hell. Funny, how it happens, it sneaks up on you, and suddenly wham! You're in hell. Now the difference between a younger person and an older person is, the older person has most likely been in hell before and figures its just a matter of time before they get past that point, and move back into the sun. Teh younger person totally suffers as it feels like hell time last forever.
But this time was scary. In fact it may not be not over yet. But I really hope so. The past week was a rough one.

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chessie said...

I hear ya girl. It's never easy...really! I don't care how old you are. When shit blind sides us...we are not prepared for the turmoil...well, it feels like we will never get out of it. Nice to hear the light is starting to make it's way to your end of the tunnel.