Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scary day and Sons of Anarchy

Due to unforseen dramas, I may have to make my personal blog here private. So I'll need your emails to email you and make it so you can keep reading my twisted ramblings. Send me a comment with your email. It won't be published.
As for what's happening. Sons of Anarchy was brutal awesome last night. An hour and a half of the best tv there is. I have posted more about it on my other blog, the one for my shop, Crazy Horse Flames. But thank you Kurt Sutter.

In fact, I post more often there than here. The shop is busy as hell and I am so very grateful for that. I am stunned and trying to work my ass off to keep it that way. These are scary days for the self employed.
Hope all is well with everyone out there. I try and keep up with you all by reading your blogs. Chessie, you don't post often enough. I miss your posts.
Ok gotta get off my ass and in the shop.

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