Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Whole "Happy" thing

I guess I'm just not used to being happy. Always waiting for "the other shoe to drop." Maybe its an indian thing. Its the way I was raised.
But these days I am quite happy. And very slowly, I am getting used to it. I remember the days 20 years ago, driving home on those cold northern winter nights from the HD dealer after finishing a job or working with them on a job. Seeing the warm lights on in the houses in the woods and the Christmas lights. thinking how wonderful it must be to live there. All warm and happy.
Tough times. Cold days. Long nights in the shop. For too many years.
So its hard to trust when things are good. I can be so very thankful for my life these days.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hope your happiness continues. There is always things that are easy to be pecimistic about. Its much happier to be an optimist though.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Life is good. Enjoy it!! :)

Spooky Lil Girl said...

Thanks for the comments. Its so nice to feel good and positive about the present and future.