Friday, March 4, 2011


Living in hell doesn;t leave much time for blogging. And hell is where I have been. Oh sure there's been nice days, where the sun tries to break thru, but alas it doesn't last and the dark cloud covers my world.
But my dark cloud has a name. I wonlt share it here but I will say he is a bully. Bullies are everywhere. They could be your spouse, a family member, a nasty neighbor, a co worker, a boss or in case, client or customer.
To make matters worse, he is a bi polar bully. he made my life hell on and off since mid Nov. It got so bad, I could not longer even look at his emails or answer his calls. PB had to take over any contact with him.
I cannot count the pounding, nausiating migrains this sicko has caused me. The hour long phone calls over ridiculous things. The fights it caused me with PB. PB says i have not been myself for the past 2 months. That I have become this negative dark creature.
But yesterday I sent off the whacko's project. But not without another migraine. After dropping off the packages at UPS at 6:30 pm, I puked next to my truck. It was that bad. The migraine was at a mindpounding peak. PB and I then drove to KFC, got some food to go, then we went home and I popped 2 Zanax and knocked myself out. PB was acting very cold and distant, not like him at all. I wondered how the hell this bully had totally taken over my life.
Like a vampire I had allowed him to suck all the good out of my life.
But I pray he just leaves me alone.

In fact I do not want to waste another moment even thinking about it.

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ShellRaisinHell said...

Don't give that a-hole another thought - not worth it. I enjoy your blog, going to check out the other one you mention for women over 40, I can relate :-)